Angélique Bouthot

Community Engagement Professional


Community Focused ☐ Values Driven ☐ Intent on Making Meaningful Change

I'm deeply passionate about creating space for authentic connection to foster growth, learning, and change, whether it's in a nonprofit, higher education, or community setting.

Feedback about Angélique

"Working with Angelique was an absolute joy! She is passionate, reliable, and thoughtful. She applies an equity and justice lens to all her projects -so much so that it is more a way of being (not just working) and engaging with the world. You would be lucky to have her on your team for community engagement, health education, strategic planning, or as a supportive colleague."

-Sophie Howard, Colleague

"Angélique shows up authentically in both professional and personal settings to advocate for improved sexual health knowledge for all, anti-racism practices, and center community voices. In every conversation with her, I always learn something new. I'm grateful for her ability to share her knowledge and understanding with me. "

-Kelsey Hopkins, Former Colleague and Fellow Community Member

"Angélique has been a wonderful person to work with since our first meeting. She is both, a supportive team member and a creative leader. Time and again, Angélique has helped McQuade Library develop and execute relevant and inclusive events. Her hosting and organizational skills have been praised by all who have seen her through our Antiracism Resources events and our very successful Trans Day of Visibility event. Angélique has impeccable communication skills and adapts to the needs of our team quickly. I am truly grateful to have worked with her."

- Gabby Womack, Librarian

"Angelique is a one of those people who instantly makes you feel confident even while working at the edge of your comfort zone. With her thoughtful, compassionate approach she brings nuance into everything she teaches."

- Colleague

"Angelique is fabulous to collaborate with. She brings energy and creativity to every project she is involved with. Specifically, Angelique is a pro at following through on tasks."

- Erin Courville, Colleague